JK Knowledge

There are some articles in Speedway in need of explanation. Which article fits which? How do I know which product I need for my bike? How do I set up several parts? What do I have to pay attention to?

On this site we try to clarify those questions by building a knowledge base for Speedway. Remember: We are more than 40 years on the market...

Here's some information you may find helpful (more will follow, soon):

Throttle & cable matrix

  • Which throttle fits which cable?
  • Which carb top do I need?

Clutch spring matrix
  • Which clutch spring delivers how much pressure?

Chain guard matrix
  • Which chain guard is suitable for which primary chain lenght?

LKI fitting guide for gloves
  • Which size of gloves will fit my hands?

Engine plate identification
  • How do I know which engine plates I need, if I don't know what diamond I have?

Fitting guide for boots & steel shoes\r\n\r\n
  • Which boots fit which steel shoe?

Transmission ratio table
  • The transmission ratio under consideration of engine sprocket, clutch, countershaft sprocket and rear sprocket shown in a neat and printable table

DAYTONA® care instructions